Board & Staff

Manchester Music Festival is operated by a dedicated board of directors who work closely with the artistic director and business operations manager. This volunteer group executes all elements of concert performances as well as MMF's Young Artists Program. Each one is passionate about chamber music and sharing it with our Southern Vermont community.


Peggie Telscher, President
Joan Guryan, Vice President
Axel Mundigo, Vice President
Shirley Perlman, Secretary
Inge Cassidy, Treasurer

Gail Ebling
Terry Findeisen
Philip Goldsmith
Clarissa Lennox
Walter Miller
Martin Nadler
Stanley Reisman
Fran Rosenthal
Lou Zellner
Elliott Zide

Festival Associates
Geoffrey Arnold
Elisabeth “Betty” Baker
Wendy Baurmeister
Catherine Boothby
Courtney Callo
Emily Daly
Roger Leeds
Mary Miller
Steven Sinding
Roger Squire
Sylvia Yedinsky


Kathleen O'Connor, Business Manager
Emily Shaw, Assistant Business Manager

Past Presidents

The Rev. Jerome Hevey, Jr.
Marshall Peck
Diana M. Olcott*
Arthur B. Silverman
Ralph E. Bailey
Marion M. Hoffman*
Barbara R. Little
Henry C. Lee
Derek Boothby, CMG
Axel Mundigo
Dr. Steven W. Sinding
Steven Dear

Founding Artistic Directors

Carroll Glenn*
Eugene List*

Subsequent Artistic Directors

Michael Rudiakov* 1985-2000
Ariel Rudiakov 2001-2016
Adam Neiman 2017-Present

Honorary Directors

Dean Fausett*
Phebe Ann Lewis
Mary Elizabeth Combe*
Irene M. Hunter*
Serena (Bambi) Hatch
Jean Riddell*
Diana M. Olcott*


Marion Granruth*
Marion (Twinks) Hoffman*
Barbara Little
Romi Perkins
Arthur Silverman
Robert Taggart
Stanley Zweck-Bronner

* Deceased